Titathink new firmware V6.01B & Anyscene 2.0.9 version

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Titathink new firmware V6.01B & Anyscene 2.0.9 version
March 14, 2016 Taylor Woo

Titathink new firmware V6.01B & Anyscene 2.0.9 version

Titathink new version firmware

Titathink new firmware V6.01B is now available!

This firmware has fixed some bugs and added new important function to repair the false alarms. So we recommend you download it then upgrade your camera.

Before you get started upgrading the new firmware V6.01B. Please read following articles firstly.

>> How to check the firmware version of camera
>> How to upgrade the camera firmware

If you have not upgraded your camera, you can download the new firmware here (zip) according to your camera model.

Some of the fixes in V6.01B include:

  • Updated the Xmatrix program to latest version.
  • Fixed the problem of Onvif failed to work when the RTSP is not 80.
  • Fixed the bug of could not set the Frame rate to 30 fps when users altered the Light frequancy to 50Hz in stream setup page.
  • Added new configuration page named Global On/Off.
  • Added “Minimum Length of Motion” option in global on/off page to control the duration of triggered motion.
  • Added macro switch in global on/off page to control the Alarms mechanism and Task mechanism.

Anyscene Titathink version

Regarding the Anyscene APP, some of the fixes in 2.0.9 version include:

  • Optimized the wireless configuration mechanism.
  • Added “Exit” button on About page.
  • Added SD card formatted function. Users can format the SD card inserted camera via this function.
  • Added a threlshod field of duration time of motion to control how long the duration of motion will trigger an alarm.

You can download the 2.0.9 version Anyscene APP from Google play or Apple APP store.
And you can access the web application page of camera to check the new firmware, click here to learn more how to login the web application page.

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