Are your house under safety?

Still looking for a surveillance system to protect your property?

  • Bad guys damaged your property sometimes.

  • Your house may be targeted by theif.

  • Your house was drawn by someone and now it needs to be protected.

  • Save proof to let police check.

  • View house anywhere anytime on summer vacation.

  • Looking for a all-in-one camera surveillance system which is easy to install and can be managed on a phone app.

If you have a similar situation, Titathink TT900WK kits may be suited to you.

TT900WK Wireless Security Surveillance System

4 720P Wireless IP Cameras + 1 Wireless NVR System

TT900WK Wireless Network Video Recorder

TT900WK Wireless IP Cameras

External Display Devices

Mobile Phone

Stronger broadcasted WiFi signal, provides a stable wireless connection from NVR host to IP cameras

A stable Wi-Fi connection is very important feature for NVR surveillance system. Titathink TT900W NVR can broadcast strong and stable WiFi signal to penetrate 2~5 walls. This feature is very helpful to avoid offline problem if the house is large and has many walls. Through experiment, The WiFi broadcasted by Titathink TT900W can reach 15~30 meters if there are some walls, and WiFi can reach 200 meters if there is no abstacle.

Built-in 1TB hard driver to continuously record videos more than 1 year

TT900WK built-in 1TB hard driver to let you record full time all over the year. Prefessional NVR hard driver provides you a stable recording environment. Abundant media interfaces allow you to view monitoring video on PC and TV devices. TT900WK also can work as a computer and offers USB mouse to let you control every NVR’s details.

Built-in 1TB hard driver

Titathink TT900WK comes with a 1TB good quality SATA prefessional NVR hard driver to store recording videos. Make four cameras recording onto this 1TB hard driver, you can retrieve all videos stored on hard driver via NVR system. 1TB hard driver allows you to record four cameras together all over the year.

Multi-viewing live footages on TV/displayer

Titathink TT900WK can display four live footage on a same screen, it can also display each camera individually. By operating the mouse, you can adjust NVR settings on TV/displayer.

Make TT900WK connecting to Internet

Titathink TT900WK provides an RJ45 Ethernet port. Using an Ethernet cable to connect NVR to an Internet router, you will be able to view the cameras on your smartphone from everythere.

Easy to set up NVR settings with a mouse

Titathink TT900WK provides an USB port for connecting the provided mouse device. Through the mouse, you can operate all NVR settings. *Note: Operating with mouse will require an external displayer to cooperate.

Broadcast WiFi to connect to cameras

Power up Titathink TT900WK NVR host unit and cameras, host unit will broadcast WiFi network to connect camera unit. Due to camera unit has been re-configurated before delivery so these four cameras will be listed by host unit, all cameras will be showed without any adding operation.

Wiew the multiple live feeds on a TV device

Titathink TT900WK provides VGA and HDMI ports to output 1080P video. Through VGA/HDMI port, NVR will be able to rebroadcast live viewing pictures to displayers in real time. You can watch what happens via an external displayer device likes TV, computer displayer, etc. In the mean time, you can operate mouse to set up NVR easily with the displayer assistance. *Note: It requires the displayer has VGA or HDMI port.

Comes with four HD 720P Wireless IP Cameras

Titathink TT900WK provides VGA and HDMI ports to rebroadcast live viewing pictures in real time. You can watch what happens via an external display device likes TV, computer displayer, etc. In the mean time, you can scroll mouse to set up NVR easily with the displayer assistance.

  • HD 720P Video Quality

    Titathink TT900WK IP camera built-in HD 720P high quality sensor to provide 1280×720@15fps image. On the end of app, camera will automatically switch resolution based on your network status.

  • Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

    Every camera connects to NVR host unit via WiFi connection. No need any wired layout so you can place camera unit outside easily.

  • High Quality Night Vision Feature

    Camera built-in 36 infrared LEDs to provide a high quality night vision result. According to the light around the camera, camera itself will automatically switch on/off night vision feature.

  • Weatherproof IP66-rated Performance

    All camera units has IP66-rated waterproof feature. Camera can work outside no matter how is the weather. large range of temperature adaptation allow camera to work under the sun and snow.

  • Aluminium Alloy Material

    The entire shell of camera is made by aluminium alloy material to make weight to be light and solid. High quality oil injection to protect camera’s surface from scratches.

A stable and easy-to-use APP – IP Pro

Titathink TT900WK comes with an APP called “IP Pro”, you can search and download it from Google Play Store or Apple APP Store. Through this app, you can view those four cameras’ live footages on a screen from anywhere anytime. Moreover, you can also playback the video stored on NVR with a timeline function, recording/snapshoting camera images onto your phone.

Trial on IP Pro App, See what the image quality looks like

IP Pro app is available on Google Play store and Apple App Store. You can download it and try it on your phone. See what the image quality looks like and check the details of IP Pro app.

  • Android Version
  • iOS Version

A pre-connection between cameras and NVR system, no need adding operation any more

Before NVR package is shipped, the four camera units have been connected to NVR system, you don’t need to add camera to NVR system any more. All you need to do is connecting NVR to a router with an ethernet cable, connect NVR to a displayer, power on all machines. Now cameras will be showed on displayer.

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Titathink TT900WK Four HD 720P Security Camera and NVR Kits

Two color versions for your choice

*Please DON’T place NVR host unit nearer to any areas where rain or have water due to its body is non-waterproof design.

Titathink provides two color versions of TT900WK, One is white color and other one is black color. The main differences between these two versions include the color, and the appearance of camera unit.

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