Tracking wonderful landscape, with a stable posture

iSteady – A 3-Axis Stabilizing Gimbal For Smartphone.

Lightweight aluminum alloy creates its body, beautiful and strong

iSteady uses leading smart gimbal system, high-performance attitude algorithms and precise motor control technology to real-timely real compensation phone bumps and jitter. Make the picture to be more stable. Easy to take the handheld holder apart, replace battery easily. Creative semi-automatic phone clamp can offer one-key shrink and clamp the phone slowly. Protect your phone without any damage. The whole body is made by CNC technology, solidly and beautifully. Holder is engraved with ergonomic gain to prevent slippery and perspiration.

5 x Directions

5 directions jointed arm – Freely control shooting angle and switch working mode by adjusting jointed arm up or down or left or right.

1 key Button

Multi-functions Button – Control the phone to take a picture or record video. (Requires the phone installed Gimbal Engine app)

See the Operation Test

3 high-performance motors provide a stable and gently axial shift for you

iSteady uses 3 high performance motors. High quality motors provides usage time more than 1 million hours. Use the 5 directions jointed arm, the motors will automatically rotate to turn your phone in the direction of anywhere.

Wireless Remote Control

Built-in Bluetooth module, You can use iSteady to control your phone with an app called “Gimbal Engine”. Not only can control the phone to take a photo or record video, but also you can capture panorama and tracking the face.

A strong and multi-features APP – Gimbal Engine

iSteady comes with an APP called “Gimbal Engine”, you can search and download it from Google Play Store or Apple APP Store. This APP can match your phone with iSteady gimbal so the iSteady can control your phone to take a picture, record video, capture panorama and so on. Nay, Gimbal Engine also offers a variety of picture processing functions and share function. You’re able to deal with the pictures just taken. And sharing it.

Capture panorama
360° and 180° panorama.

Smart tracking face
Single face tracking, lovers tracking, multi-faces tracking.

Beautify photo
Edit and Beautify captured photo.

Share function
One-key button to share picture.

You turn, the iSteady turns. Intelligently tracking the face

When Gimbal Engine has enabled the function of intelligently tracking face, iSteady will be able to recognize human face and begin tracking people. People is moving, iSteady is rotating its body to make the phone always facing the face. Shooting the great shots more relaxed.

Tracking single face, you can fix or hand-hold the iSteady, iSteady will automatically record stable video or take pictures.

Tracking multiple faces, you can fix or hand-hold the iSteady, iSteady will automatically record stable video or take pictures.

Steadily capture voluminous beautiful scenery

Stay the beautiful scenery you saw via a little button. Gimbal Engine offers two Panorama options, you can choose 360 degree vortically shooting or 180 degree shooting. iSteady will turn on its pan axis to rotate the phone to take a panorama.

360° + 180° Panorama options

Edit your picture & Beautify your photos in a quick way

The pictures just taken aren’t bright enough? Or need to beautify the photos? You can edit and beautify them just with a few taps. Gimbal Engine offer multiple quick processing methods, such as adding exposure, adding filtering, editing the picture size, etc.

Share every masterworks with your friends, enjoy praise

Gimbal Engine app offers one-key sharing function, you can share your masterworks to Facebook or Twitter, put your masterworks face to world. You can also send the sweet photos to your family, pass your happiness.

A blockbuster movie will come out of your phone

iSteady will create a remarkable obvious shot environment. No matter you are running, riding, jumping, you can steadily record video in any high challenge angle, easily record the effect you want.

Elegant packaging, handy bag

Specially equipped a high quality handy bag for you. Handy bag is woven by senior nylon and built-in odorless black sponge, both beautiful and elegant fashion. Store the disassembling hardware. Fitted out a recharger and 2 paires rechargeable batteries. No matter you are at home or in outside, you can enjoy convenient usage experience.

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*iSteady is belong to third-party developers “Hohem Technology Co., LTD”. Hohem joints Titathink to provide sales service and support service. The right of final explanation is belong to Hohem.

*iPhone is used to cooperate with iSteady as showing sample, The real product does not include iPhone.

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