Titathink TT525PW
Wireless 1080P Hidden IP Camera

Stays awake on your phone 24/7 even if rain or shine.

  • HD 1920×1080@30
  • Work via WiFi
  • Moonlight Mode
  • 85° Viewing Angle
  • Microphone
  • Motion Detection
  • Email/APP Alarms
  • SD Card Storage

1080P Full HD picture captures every small detail

This is Titathink’s first 1080P hidden camera, Under the excellent hidden effect, TT525PW can provide you with greater, clearer, more sharp video quality in a better way, you can easily identify every small detail in the video. Meanwhile, it brings excellent picture quality, the camera can also play real-time video smoothly.

tt525pw 1080 images tt525pw 1080 images tt525pw 1080 images tt525pw 1080 images tt525pw 1080 images

Even though there is no night vision, as long as there is a little light, you can see the clear picture

Limited by the size of the lens model, TT525PW can not carry infrared light, but TT525PW using a new SONY sensor and lens module, which provides a new feature: MOON-LIGHT MODE. In this mode, as long as there is a little light in the environmental condition, the camera can capture a good picture at night.

Video in the Daytime

With Sony’s powerful CMOS chip, TT525PW can provide you with clear and sharp 1080P video images. The lens also has excellent focus feature, you can not only clearly see the distant objects, you can also see objects as close as 3 inches.

Video in the Night

The new Moon-light Mode allows the camera to monitor better at night. With a powerful photographic chip, the camera is able to shoot clear videos at low light. If necessary, you can also use an external infrared light to enhance the sharpness of the images.

  • IP66 Waterproof
  • -20 ~ +60°C

Professional waterproof, weatherproof, anti-frozen

TT525PW lens supports the IP-66 level of waterproof performance, you can install the lens outdoors, regardless of the wind, rain and snow, never miss matters of outside.

Lens size
Small and exquisite, easy to hide

The new TT525PW lens continues to follow the appearance of the TT522PW, while improving the video quality at the same time does not impact the hidden performance of the camera. The compact and rugged lens comes with an arm-type bracket, easily hiding the camera in an unexpected place.

1.1″ x 1.1″ x 1.8″ in. Lens dimensions
20 feet Camera cable length

Now you do not just look, you can also listen to

TT525PW built-in clear high-definition waterproof microphone, while watching live footage, you can clearly hear what happens.


Host unit
Feature-rich, Camera’s strong backing

TT525PW not only brings new metal technology and design, but also a redesigned the internal hardware structure so that the camera can work faster and be more stable. Moreover, inside the camera, there are many transmit modules, which makes the camera work via Wi-Fi, PoE or Ethernet cable. The camera also provides a GPIO port to support external alarm devices.

  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection

  • Power over Ethernet

  • Ethernet cable connection

  • Gold Color

    Smooth surface, all metal body

  • 128Gb

    SD card support

  • General I/O

    Connects to external alarm devices

  • AC Power Adapter

    100~240V AC Input, 12V,1A DC Output

  • 60 feet

    Recommended Wi-Fi distance

  • 300 feet

    Up to 300 meet of PoE connection

A variety of storage options, choose your favorite

The camera has a built-in a micro SD card slot, it can support micro SD card which that the capacity is up to 16mb-128Gb. At the same time, it also perfectly supports the ONVIF protocol and the NAS protocol, so you can connect the camera to your NVR device or NAS device. Moreover, you can directly set the camera to record onto the PC’s shared folder.

  • SD Card

    Supports up to 128Gb FAT32 SD card

  • NAS

    Supports NAS protocol

  • PC Disk

    Stores onto computer shared folder

  • NVR

    Supports ONVIF 2.2 protocol

Customing motion zone, Alerts you when something happens

Getting an alarm information from the camera at anytime. The Titathink camera is able to provide a high quality alarm service. When you are not online, TT525PW can alert you anytime as the camera detects a sign of disturbance or trouble in monitored areas. Titathink’s camera alarm can be triggered by either motion detection or audio detection.

Email alarm Gets emails when alerting
APP alarm Gets APP notification when alerting
FTP alarm Gets FTP images when alerting

A simple App – Anyscene

Titathink TT525PW comes with an APP called “Anyscene”, you can search and download it from Google Play Store or Apple APP Store. Through this app, you can view live footages on a screen from anywhere anytime. Moreover, you can also replay the video stored on SD card, recording/snapshoting images onto your mobile devices.

View more apps

Fit the camera to somewhere

The lens unit comes with an arm-type bracket, you can mount the camera to wall, tablet and eave. Or directly put it into a peep hole. You can use your wisdom to find more installation way.

To be clear at a glance for TT525PW’s specs

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1080P Wireless Hidden IP Camera TT525PW

Bring yours home now

*The Wi-Fi distance and PoE distance are both belong to estimated value, but will refer you to the distance for the actual distance.

*Please DON’T place TT525PW’s host unit near to any areas where rain or have water due to its body is non-waterproof design.

Titathink TT525PW doesn’t provide night vision feature, please don’t use it in complete darkness.

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