Top Features of 1080p Security Camera You Should Know

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Top Features of 1080p Security Camera You Should Know
February 21, 2018 Sherry Y.

Top Features of 1080p Security Camera You Should Know

The CCTV cameras are now using advanced technologies while recording the images. It means the photos produced by them are more crisp and sharper than ever.

The earlier surveillance devices were manufactured under the strict guidelines of National Television System Committee or NTSC. According to the instructions, the image resolution was restricted to only 480 vertical scan lines. As a result, the devices could only produce inferior quality images and surveillance vídeos. However, with the latest versions of the hidden security cameras, this is no longer the issue. The devices record high definition images, has the facility to record under low light conditions, and so on. Let’s look into some of the features of the latest spying devices.

High definitions videos

High definitions videos

Many surveillance devices nowadays record images in high definitions. The 1080p security camera can be an example of the same. The images captured by these recorders are crisp and have enough image details. These cameras mostly use the 1080 horizontal lines resolution technology to produce pictures. That means the images are recorded on a digital screen under widescreen ratio.

The 1080p Security Camera by Titathink uses the same technology during recording and surveillance. It ensures that the images recorded can be used as relevant evidence in case the need arises.

Low light images:

Low light images

The current surveillance devices can record pictures in low light conditions very quickly. It ensures, the device can record the images during night time as well.

Enhancing images:

Sometimes, the area under which you have installed the camera might have issues with the lighting. One part of the recorded image might appear dark, and the other section might appear overexposed to the light. The outdoor security recorders mostly face this issue. An excellent high definition recorder has a feature called Wide Dynamic Range Technology which helps in solving this problem. They incorporate a sensor which creates a broader lighting range during the recording. It increases higher lighting depth and improves the image quality.

Recorder Iris:

Titathink TT525PW 1080P Canera

The iris is a part of the camera which monitors the amount of light coming through the lens. That means a broader iris will let more light to enter the lens and vice versa. The amount of light that passes through the lens gets converted into an electrical signal making a video in the process. There are several types of camera irises attached to different models of investigation recorders. Some are of fixed variety, while others are of a manual nature. In the fixed one, the amount of light cannot be adjusted. On the other hand, the manual iris lets you change the amount of exposure. It can positively affect the quality of recorded images.

For security and safety reasons, people are going for surveillance cameras. However, before buying one should check if the device can record in low light, or has the facility to solving the overexposure problem. Also, one should check whether the iris is of fixed or manual variety. With these points in hand, you will never make a wrong decision while buying your security recorder.

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