The ultra wateproof spy wireless network camera

Meet the Titathink TT522PW hidden wireless security IP camera. It’s a micro separating IP camera with IP67-rated waterproof feature. And it can provide HD 720P high definition video streaming. That’s the most beautiful part.

Small stature, but with many powerful features

We designed TT522PW which looks smaller but it’s very powerful. Its small size isn’t the only big feature. It comes with multiple motion windows and sensitivity setting to help you capture every motion. A SD card slot is useful to store video recording files. A free APP helps you to watch the live feed anywhere. With a 20 feet video transmission cable, it can be hidden anywhere.

Overview features

Multi working mode

Titathink TT522PW wireless IP camera can work over Wi-Fi, PoE (Power over Ethernet) and Ethernet cable. Multiple working modes make TT522PW cameras able to suit any of the popular connection methods. This enriches the compatibility making it easily adaptable to the most popular installation environments.

Connect to network via Wi-Fi. ( Using IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless technology and the Frequency is 2.412-2.462GHz )
Connect to network via PoE(Power over Ethernet). If your router supports POE function to provide power with ethernet cable.
Connect to network via Ethernet cable. It’s the popular connection for Initial setup.

Multi-viewer, connecting faster

To get the greatest performance out of wireless bandwidth, we created a new utilization mechanism. Because the Titathink’s new utilization mechanism, up to 16 people can share the wireless bandwidth.

Multi-viewers up to 16

We created a new utilization mechanism for wireless bandwidth, and also redesigned the camera software with H.264 encode. This way is helpful for reducing the bandwidth usage. Even though users and the camera are not covered by a same network, It will be not overloaded if there are 16 users visit it in the same time.

16total Viewers

More friendly bandwidth

Many TT522PW cameras are connected to a computer or a smart phone, all of the live feeds can be played smoothly. Meanwhile, the camera will automatically adjust bandwidth it uses. so it will not affect your Internet speed. If you have sufficient bandwidth, you can add many more cameras.

All around platforms, not only for cell phone

Regardless of whether the platform you are using is cell phone, tablet, or computer, the only thing you need to do is to download and install a free APP named ‘Anyscene’ or client software named ‘Camera Live’. Once you are connected to the Internet, you are able to real-time watch its live feed anywhere anytime.

Learn more about APPs

About Security

Titathink’s mission is not only to protect us security, but also we need the data transmitted to be private and anti-Hacker.

Transmission security

Titathink camera will use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to encrypt the transmission data as the first encryption. Nay, Titathink TT520PW inbuilt other encryption techniques by Titathink engineers. Such as WEP (64/128 bit),WPA-PSK(AES/TKIP),WPA2-PSK(AES/TKIP). These encryption techniques are not only able to help you connecting your camera to router in a safe yet secret way. But also help you guarding your data information against capturing data packets. Moreover, you can setup a complicated password and username as the second protection by using titathink camera user management system.

Data security in local storage

Storing the video stream data to a local SD card is an old data protection method but quite efficient. The security of date stored to local storage will outclass other storage method such as a cloud server. For example, if there is a hacker attacks to the cloud server, you will have no way to deal with it. But if you store the video data to a local SD card, you don’t need to think of the problem too much. The one thing you just need to do is to protect the SD card and avoid losing it.


To have a better idea of TT522PW series. Learn more about its specification and compare all spy models with a separate page.

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How it works?

Lay the foundation for using TT522PW micro spy ip camera. Follow the steps to learn more how to install TT522PW, how to setup its features, and what is the installation environment.

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Watch it into One Metre Deep Water

Take a look at the underwater demo of TT522PW camera. And learn more about what situation can use TT522PW waterproof IP camera.

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