How TT522PW Works?

1. Assemble camera

In this section, we will show you how to install TT522PW hardware correctly.

  • 1 – Overview the tour of TT522PW’s accessories

    Before starting to install TT522PW hardware, please refer to the buttons and connectors of TT522PW, it will be helpful for next installation.

    Front Buttons and Connectors Side Buttons and Connectors Side Buttons and Connectors
  • 2 – Inset the micro sd memory card into the body of main unit.

    Insetting a Micro SD Card into TT522PW is a general way to store the video recording files, and please notice that this Micro SD Card must be exceed over 128Gb.

    Note: Before plugging in the micro sd card, you should make sure that the sd card has been formatted to FAT32. And it should be class 4 or better.
    Fitting SD card
  • 3 – Fitting TT522PW onto wall with its wall mounting bracket.

    The wall mounting hardware is usually fixed onto the wall.

    Fitting wall mounting hardware
  • 4 – Or placing it into water.

    Please note that the depth of the water does not greater than 1 meter.

    Fitting peep hole mounting hardware
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