How TT522PW Works?

5. Two storage methods.

Store the recording files to a Micro SD Card or a NAS device. It is obvious that stored in local SD card or their own NAS devices have many merits. It allows you to access the video data anytime, also it will be unlimited by the network speed. Meanwhile it does not charge every year. The recording video files stored in local SD Card will be safety.

  • 1. Store the recording files to local Micro SD Card.

    With micro sd card to store your recording video files, it will be easy to operat.

    Before plugging in the micro sd card, you should make sure that the sd card has been formatted to FAT32. And it should be class 4 or better.

    TT522PW records into sd card
  • Login the web settings page to turn on the “SD Card” option.

    The default parameter of “Storage” option is “enable SD Card”, so you can ignore this step if you never change any related options.

    About how to login the web settings page, please refer to LOGIN WEB APPLICATION

    TT522PW's sd card web page
  • Get SD card running information from “System” page.

    Web application -> System

    View the sd card status
  • Playback the sd card video files on your phone/tablet.

    Open “Anyscene” APP on your smartphone or tablet.

    Playback camera files
    Choosing “Videos & Photos” option, and then press “SD” icon to jump to SD card files listing.
    Playback camera files
    The SD card files listing. Press one of them to start playback.
  • Clear the recording files in the sd card.

    It will clear all video data from sd card.

    Clear sd card data
  • 2. Store the recording files to your NAS device.

    NAS device is Network Attached Storage. It is a consolidation of storage over a network for access by heterogeneous clients at the file level. Titathink camera is able to work with NAS devices via Common NAS Protocol.

    Setup nas devices
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