To be a cube clock, To be a wireless IP camera

TT531WN-PRO – An HD 720P Cube Wireless Spy Clock IP Camera.

TT531WN-PRO is an IP camera which looks like a clock. On the face of it, it could be a general Chrono Clock. In fact, while you look into inside, TT531WN-PRO is comprised of IP camera’s accessories. A perfect appearance gets TT531WN-PRO a tangible hidden protection. So you can capture more details from life and people in a secret way. Meanwhile, TT531WN-PRO has ability to work via WiFi, a super-simple configuration procedure can let you free your hand. Then view the live footage from anywhere anytime.

  • HD 1280×720
  • Work via WiFi
  • Battery Power
  • Night Vision
  • Two-way Audio
  • Motion Detection
  • Email/APP Alarm
  • Record onto SDcard

Surface frosted, Soft and lightweight

TT531WN-PRO’s body is created with high-grade and environmentally friendly frosted materials, it provides you a comfortable, unique, soapy faces and hand fell, it also prevents electrostatic. The cube fuselage shape goes with flat black color to make the appearance looking good and quality, it could be a decoration. TT531WN-PRO also uses orange LED as clock’s electron display tube to make indicator looks soft and cozy and beautiful. Camera uses 1 megapixel sensor to provide you a high definition 1280×720 video, meanwhile it’s adjusted by Titathink ISP technology to make the picture clear, colorful and readable. In the front of camera, there are one or two high quality infrared LEDs to provide a high quality night-vision effectiveness*. Overleaf, camera provides 3 adjustable buttons to assist you to alter the display time. Meanwhile, a battery slot built in camera to provide an option to be supplied by battery. TT531WN-PRO also provides a sonorous speaker and a high sensitivity microphone. To be easily to monitor sound out of 10 meters.

See the real video captured by TT531WN-PRO

In default settings, TT531WN-PRO will automatically turn on motion detection feature to monitor any movement in real-time. Any movement will be recorded and be sent to you as a notification. While camera detects external brightness is changed, TT531WN-PRO will automatically switch modes for day or night. In daytime, IR-cut is disabled, the live footage will be displayed colorfully and sharpness. In nightime, IR-cut is enabled automatically, TT531WN-PRO can capture those pictures which can’t be saw by human-eyes, through the 1 megapixel sensor, the displayed image is clearly, sharpness and details visible.

When the light around camera is bright enough, the picture you will see is colorful and sharp

TT531WN-PRO uses a standard viewing angle lens and a 1 megapixel sensor to provide you a colorful sharp-edged picture. Its visual range could reach about 10 meters. Even if you put the camera to see a stuff nearness, you still can get a clear and detailed picture.

In night time, TT531WN-PRO should provide you a white-and-black picture which is high resolution and clear and detailed.

While TT531WN-PRO detects the light around camera to become dark, it’ll switch to Night Vision Mode automatically, and turn on all infrared LEDs to light the place ahead. Capturing and recording pictures as far as detailed, and make this picture clear and sharp. You could trustingly give the monitor task of night time to TT531WN-PRO camera.

A strong and easy-to-use APP – Lizvie

TT531WN-PRO comes with an APP called “Lizvie”, you can search and download it from Google Play Store or Apple APP Store. This app provides accurate and utility functions, the camera configuration will be easy to setup via Lizvie app. Meanwhile, this APP can manage camera and see the live view. Such as snapshot a picture, record video, change image definition and so on.

Make the configuration to be more easily, you don’t need an Ethernet cable!

You never need to worry about the complexity of configuration steps. TT531WN-PRO and its app “Lizvie” now provide a optimized setting process. You can easily to make camera working with WiFi. All features’ setting is collected in one page, you would find out every function easily. Just tap it and it’ll be applied.

  • 1 Power on TT531WN-PRO and wait for a music notification. Then open Lizvie app and find a “+” button to add camera, then you are ready to add camera and setup its WiFi.
  • 2 Find the QR code on the reverse side of camera body. Keep the distance between your phone to the QR code about 1 foot. Now scan it.
  • 3 You can name your camera with your favourite character string.
  • 4 Lizvie app will automatically figure out the WiFi network your phone used and show it to require the WiFi password, type and enter your WiFi password.
  • 5 Your camera now automatically configure itself, you just need to wait for the procedure to be complete.

Say “Hi” to Titathink TT531WN-PRO Clock IP Camera, Let TT531WN-PRO to be a talkie and walkie

Titathink TT531WN-PRO provides Two-way Audio feature. its body built in a loudsound speaker and a high sensitivity microphone. Now speak and listen to Clock camera. Saying a “Hi” with Lizvie app, your sound will be pass on to camera’s speaker to amplify. Any sound will be monitored by TT531WN-PRO and feed it back to live footage or recorded videos. With this high sensitivity microphone, To monitor sound of 10 meters outside easily.

Keep recording even though electricity supply failed.

Titathink TT531WN-PRO comes with a 18650 Rechargeable lithium battery. It can be recharged about 100,000 times. Through this battery, TT531WN-PRO can be power supplied about 3.5 hours without any power source. It’s very helpful to avoid some unforeseen circumstances that missed recording. Even though the external power is destroyed by humen-being, TT531WN-PRO is still able to keep working to record the event around camera.

3.5 h Estimated battery life

High quality and safety materials, authenticated by FCC, CE, RoHS.

Whether the machine casing or the battery material, all of them were authenticated by FCC and CE and RoHS. The quality is guaranteed and the materials are safe.

See the usage scenarios

Titathink TT531WN-PRO has a cube body, it can be placed in more casual places. You can place it onto a desk and table-board and worktop. You can also place it upside down because you can flip the image via Lizvie app. More placed options are waiting for you to research.

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Wireless HD 720P Spy Clock IP Camera TT531WN-PRO

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*The usage time of TT531WN-PRO’s battery is 3.5 hours in expected value. actual usage time will be deponded on a particular use case.

*Please DON’T place TT531WN-PRO near to any areas where rain or have water due to its body is non-waterproof design.

Titathink provides two version of TT531W, One is TT531W which comes with a 940nm IR illuminator, other one is TT531WN-PRO which comes with enhanced 850nm IR illuminator.

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