Should I Use a Dummy Security Camera?

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Should I Use a Dummy Security Camera?
November 25, 2016 Mary Tang

Should I Use a Dummy Security Camera?

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In recent years the home security space has gotten rather crowded. You might have looked at all your options, and felt a little tired by the amount of choices. You may got some information that It’s a good idea to buy a dummy security camera, it’s a little excited at the strategy you get to implement in beating a burglar at their own sneaky game. And you it can save money and time while giving burglars the illusion of security.

The dummy security camera looks like the stratagem of the empty city, presenting a bold front to conceal a weak defense, you cannot use the stratagem all the time, here’s why:

You will miss out many important things you really want.

If you want to make sure whether you locked your door when you are out in hurry, If you want to capture memories around the house, if you want to check your pets, if someone is at front of your door, if you are missing your family and want to talk and see them. The dummy cameras can not help you record activity, can not help you talk and see your family. It just hang there on the wall and does nothing.

Dummy security camera may bring you a new lawsuit.

If you install a dummy security camera for your business or home, it means you provide a sense of false security and your guests may think that they are being protected on your property when they visit your home or business. If there is an incident happens on your property and you aren’t properly able to protect, or provide evidence to law enforcement of what happens to your patrons, it’s possible that they sue for the sense of false security that was provided and the damages that occurred.

We suggest straying away from the fakes and opting for real protection. Having home security isn’t about the illusion of safety, but the peace of mind that comes with the assurance of actual protection.

Get a real security camera.

Take some time to choose a high quality security and cover the areas that most require surveillance.  Here we suggest you our new security camera TT900WK kit 720P 4-Channel NVR system with 4 Wireless IP Cameras for your check, you will get everything you want to monitor your home and business and the price is reasonable.

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