How to choose your IP camera

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“The Right Camera”,
There are so many kinds of IP cameras in the world, so how to choose the right one from all these IP cameras? If you are familiar with IP cameras, there is no need to read further. But if you are not familiar with IP cameras,
we think the following article will be helpful to you.
how to choose your camera

1step – What are you looking for?

If you decide to purchase a network camera, but you have no idea what kind of network camera you need, think about what scenario you mainly want it used for.

We got a message from one of our customers, Michael who said “It was the choice of a network camera machine, however, that proved most vexing.” From this, we summed up some solutions below:

2step – What is your budget?

Varieties of cameras have different prices, check your budget before choosing an IP camera. It will help you to choose the right camera.

In the camera market, every IP camera can monitor events. But some IP cameras can be annoying when in use. Generally, people are more inclined to choose professional and renowned manufacturers because the price is cheaper and the appearance is nicer. Actually, Titathink is a professional high-quality company. You can choose IP cameras from Titathink.

There is a article will be helpful to you.

titathink how to choose your camera
titathink how to choose your camera

3step – Can you install by yourself?

There are many kinds of IP cameras in the market that require being installed. The more industrial and professional the camera is, the more installation steps it will take. In this case, many people are unable to install by themselves. If you want to install a camera easily, we suggest you choose a simple to install IP camera—the Titathink indoor IP cameras are easy to install and you just need to put it on the table or shelf.

Each product of titathink is simple to install, easy to use.

4step – What types of appearance do you prefer?

Rounded, cubic, quadrate or a bullet IP camera. A good appearance should be smooth, consistent form and no sharp edges and the material should be insulated. Also, we would like to remind to you to definitely pay more attention to the function and quality while selecting appearance. Many IP cameras look beautiful, but their operation is weak.

how to choose the right camera
titathink how to choose your camera

5step – What kinds of lens do you need?

There are three kinds of lens: wide angle, short telephoto lens and general lens. The wide angle provides a broader view, but it has a short range monitoring distance, so IP cameras with a wide angle lens may be suitable for indoor scenarios. At the opposite end, IP cameras with a short telephoto lens have a narrow viewing angle, but the monitoring distance is longer, so are more suitable for outdoor scenarios. Finally, the general lens falls in between.

Refer to the figure about the above information.

comparison table

Comparison table

And now comes another unique property of the lens, the image pixel and the resolution, that they have in common. Higher image pixel means higher resolution. It also means that users can retrieve more information via high resolution/pixel video. In general, there are three kinds of resolution for the IP camera.


VGA the resolution is 640×480, image pixels are 307,200. It is standard definition.


720P the resolution is 1280×720, image pixels are 921,600. It is high definition.


1080P the resolution is 1920×1080, image pixels are 2,073,600. It is full high-definition.

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