What is a good IP camera?

In here, we will tell you more about the IP camera detail, include terminology of ip camera.

Maybe many people are strange to IP camera, what ip camera can do? Is a ip camera necessary? And how to use or choose it?
In here, we will introduct the ip camera in detail.
We hope this introduction will be helpful to you.

“Opinion 1: Appearance and Material”

titathink appearance

Smooth appearance.
A high-quality network/ip camera must be made up of high-quality material. Mainly reflected in smooth appearance, it has no small outstanding particles, and it is very thick and has good thermal conductivity to ensure the stability of camera.

titathink material

High-quality material.
A high-quality network/ip camera must be made up of high-quality material, the material include iron, green plastic and aluminum. it must be not easily deformed.

titathink appearance waterproof

Waterproof Design.
This point aim at the outdoor network/ip camera. The edge of high-quality camera must be close tightly. and external parts must be matched waterproof box.

“Opinion 2: Resolution”

vga resolution
VGA The full name of VGA is Video Graphics Array, it is a technology about video encoding. Its horizontal pixels are 640, and vertical pixels are 480. So its resolution is 640x480p. VGA is a technology name only, But as time passes, people call VGA as the short name of 640x480P. So VGA means 640x480p, meanwhile it is a standard difinition, and its total pixels are 307,200.

720p resolution
720P 720P means 1280x720p, its horizontal pixels are 1280, and vertical pixels are 720, meanwhile it is a high difinition, and its total pixels are 921,600. 720P is superior to VGA, due to the image of 720p is larger, in this case, user can get more information from video.

1080p resolution
1080P 1080P means 1920x1080p, its horizontal pixels are 1920, and vertical pixels are 1080, meanwhile it is a full high difinition (FullHD), and its total pixels are 2,073,600. So far, 1080P is best resolution for IP camera, due to the image of 1080P is largest, in this case, user can get more information from video. But it will occupy more banwidth, Some poor quality of ip cameras might even block the network. From this point, user should use lower resolution ip camera without enough bandwidth.

“Opinion 3: Image Quality”

Based on the objective criteria that exist today, the quality of picture is one of important points. As below, we provide some examples that explain what picture is bad.

Image noise<

Image noise

Cross color

Cross color

Color cast

Color cast



“Opinion 4: Multiple Functional”

A qualified ip camera must provide sufficient efficiency to run monitor task stablly. We summed up some common features in here, listed below:

[sf_iconbox image=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/titathink/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/06124549/description-night-day.png” character=”” color=”standard” type=”standard” title=”Night vision” link=”” target=”_self” animation=”none” animation_delay=”200″] For most of ip camera, the night vision function is very common, whether indoor scenario or outdoor scenario. Night vision is a method that make ip camera recording video in the darkness. [/sf_iconbox]
[sf_iconbox image=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/titathink/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/06124601/description-audio.png” character=”” color=”standard” type=”standard” title=”Audio” link=”” target=”_self” animation=”none” animation_delay=”200″] It is essential function for a qualified ip camera. Most of ip cameras built-in microphone moudle, or for some special ip camera built-in line-in function, such as hidden ip camera, micro ip camera and so on. [/sf_iconbox]
  • Motion Detection

  • Alarm function

  • Security performance

  • Wi-Fi feature

  • PoE(Power over Ethernet)

  • Ethernet connection

  • H.264 encoding

  • WPS pairing

  • P2P technology

“Opinion 5: APPs”


A good app of ip camera must be easy to use and run stablly, whether iOS or Android, there’re also windows software and MAC software. Learn more about Titathink APP and software

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Cross color

“Opinion 6: Stability&Power consumption&Bandwidth”

  • temperature


  • Power consumption

    Power consumption

  • Bandwidth friendly

    Bandwidth friendly

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