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“Welcome to become our partner”
First of all thank you to become our partner or franchisee, you’ll know what your decision is wise. We can provide more better service for you, whether it is product customization, or price advantage. We also offer the industry’s latest developments and trends, make every effort to assist you in marketing.
No.1 Product custom
Become our partner, you can make ​​product customization application to us, we are a full range of customized services, including custom content, software customization, hardware customization, shell customization and packaging customization. Use your boot logo, or use a theme your define to enrich the product. And we will discuss all the details of your product with you, we focus on the pursuit of perfection. View ODM/OEM page…
No.2 Price advantage
We are ready for partners or franchisees a series of price activity, whether it is selling products, or new products out, we will be the first time to communicate with you and to discuss product performance and price until you are satisfied, and try to help you to create your own brands.
Our philosophy is to create the perfect detail, easy-to-operat.
No.3 Other Services
Whether it is product customization, or price concessions, we think this is not enough, we have to make every effort to partners or franchisees to provide more and better services. We will custom marketing program specifically for you, the first priority to solve technical problems and provide good technical support, and so on.
We sincerely hope to cooperate with you, feel free to chat with us or email us. : )
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