Why Outdoor Waterproof Camera Is Better Than Indoor Cameras?

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Why Outdoor Waterproof Camera Is Better Than Indoor Cameras?
March 21, 2018 Sherry Yuang

Why Outdoor Waterproof Camera Is Better Than Indoor Cameras?

Outdoor waterproof cam

Buying a security camera for home or office security can be a tricky business. Before making that choice, try to factor all the points like cost or image quality provided by the device. Security is becoming a sensitive issue these days. Most of the home as well as small businessmen owners are opting to install spy cameras for surveillance purposes.

While buying the cameras, the buyers prefer to choose a sturdy and weatherproof variety of the spying device. So that in the extreme weather conditions, the device can have a continuous recording and surveillance footage. While investing on a spying camera, you might come multiple recorders, which can be very confusing. The wide range of indoor and open-air cameras makes the buying decision a lot harder.

Best Outdoor waterproof cams

 Why outside cameras?

According to some technical experts, buying an outdoor waterproof cam is a better option in comparison to an indoor camera. However, firstly it is essential to understand the two varieties of recording devices. The fundamental distinction between the two types is the number of external entities it has to face on a daily basis. Like an outdoor camera needs to be sturdier, as it gets exposed to more wear and tear conditions. Therefore, they are generally made from the durable materials. Also, they are more massive and bulky in design which makes it difficult for the intruder to temper the device.  The internal camera is smaller in built, are comparatively lighter and are non-intrusive. However, an intruder can easily damage the device causing recording interruption.


On recording perspective, both the varieties devices can capture the images in infrared. It can prove quite helpful while in recording low light conditions. However, the quality of the pictures recorded by the devices can differ tremendously. The infrared images captured on outdoor waterproof cam by Titathink are of better quality in comparison to an indoor camera. Also, these recording devices have come with inbuilt blowers and heaters. It protects the device from external elements.

Some other factors

 Other factors to zone in, while buying a surveillance device is the cost and the battery life. Indoor cameras are mostly run on lithium batteries. Thus, the device will stop recording after the battery dies. However, an outside camera is attached to main power line making interrupted recording a case of past.  Next is the cost factor. The open-air cameras might come as little expensive in comparison to indoor cameras. It might shift your preferences to indoor recording devices. However, if you consider the other benefits that come up with the outside device, you might find the later one a better choice.

Outdoor waterproof cam

A recording device you buy for surveillance must be durable, and able to endure the wear and tear conditions it goes through on a daily basis. Along with it, the device should be able to capture the images in extreme conditions. The indoor camera is smaller and delicate in design and therefore gets damaged easily. So when you are buying a surveillance camera for your home or office, do consider these factors. It will help you in making a well-informed decision, and it will solve your purpose of keeping your home safe.

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