What will you do if your security camera or SD card stolen?

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What will you do if your security camera or SD card stolen?
November 28, 2017 Mary Tang

What will you do if your security camera or SD card stolen?

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A security camera is a great way to secure your home and business. But there are some thefts, and vandals would like to destroy your cameras and steal SD cards from cameras before they steal valuable things from your home.

Here are some stories about the SD cards or cameras stolen that we got from some of our customers and other people.

1,Why would someone steal my SD card from the camera but leave my camera? It may not be the best camera out there but well worth taking…brand new!  I double-checked with a buddy who helps me set the camera up. He was sure as I am that we had put a card in and turned the cam on and hasn’t removed it himself.

2,My Titathink camera TT520PW was stolen, and I’m afraid that the thief might access the hardware or software somehow and get my SD card videos.

3, I bought my TT525PW camera about a month ago, and now I have a computer I want to use it with. But I can’t find the software – I want to record video/audio on the computer, so I can review and play it back if needed. The camera will be put in my office where several items have been stolen.

These problems happen a lot. When thieves steal your camera, the SD card could also be taken at the same time because many security cameras have built in SD card slot. People don’t want their pictures taken and also don’t want to steal the whole camera.

How can we protect our cameras or SD card from being stolen?  You may think that installing your security camera outside your house in a spot that is out of reach of intruders or thieves, or lock your cameras. Yes, these methods help to protect your cameras. But sometimes even though you protect your cameras very well, your cameras still got stolen. According to these problems, Titathink engineers have designed a new NVR in which you can put the SD card at home while you are installing outdoor security camera outside. In this way, you can protect your SD card from being stolen from your security cameras. Even if your camera gets stolen, you still can get video clips as evidence to the police. The NVR can support 4 cameras at the same time.

We released our first 100 pcs of beta Smart Storage Kit for interested customers and we would like your feedback.

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